Rocket Charger! Music Video

I recently did a quick music video for one of my hybrid trailer tracks, Rocket Charger. I plan to do a separate walk-through video on the mastering of this piece (I used my new Tegeler Creme RC during the mastering phase!) Keep a look out for that post/video and in the meantime, please check out the video below. Woo!

Intro to Orchestral Sample Libraries | Part V: Modulation and Expression

Now it’s time for Intro to Orchestral Sample Libraries, Part V: How to use Modulation and Expression. In our previous lesson, Note Length and Velocity, we just started to scratch the surface on how MIDI programming can be used to make our orchestral sample work sound more realistic. We are going to keep the conversation going by now digging into the use of two key MIDI parameters, Modulation and Expression.

How to Soundproof a Door

How to Soundproof a Door When approaching the soundproofing your home studio, the door can often be the weakest link, and therefore the most critical to get right. While the walls, and even windows, can be airtight and sealed, the average interior home door is the one place with openings to the outside. Even that small space between the door and the floor is enough to leak out (or in)