Intro to Orchestral Sample Libraries | Part III: String Articulations

It’s time for Intro to Orchestral Sample Libraries, Part III: String Articulations. When I first started learning about Orchestral Sample Libraries, I kept hearing about these things called “articulations” and, while I had a general idea of what they were, I found myself always stumbling over the meaning of each; this often made it difficult for me to know the best way to use them. While I did study classical music theory


I had a blast creating my piece, “Spark” for the #OutsideCompetition.  Big thanks to Orchestral Tools and StaffPad for creating such a great opportunity for us all. Although I didn’t win the competition, Orchestral Tools still gave all who participated a free instrument from their Tableau Solo Strings series – how awesome is that? I chose the solo viola. It’s downloading now, so I’ll be back with a review shortly! Thanks again Orchestral

Intro to Orchestral Sample Libraries | Part II: Ensemble vs Sections

Now it’s time for Part 2 of my Intro to Orchestral Sample Libraries for Beginners series. In part 1, I talked about the difference between a sample library that is recorded Wet (including the sound of the room) vs a sample library recorded dry (no room sound.) In this post, I’ll be discussing the difference ensembles and sections. As a reminder, these Intro series post are intended for beginners: those