Hi!, I’m Peter Cole, a musician, composer and producer from San Francisco, California. Ever since I made my first drum set out of coffee cans when I was ten years old, I have loved to perform, compose and produce many styles of music from classical to punk rock. I particularly enjoy hybrid music (combining different styles) to make something completely new.

Nowadays, I’m often focused on creating cinematic music with a focus on hybrid productions. For example, combining EDM or Rock with Classical or World music to create epic music for TV, games or movie trailers. Because I started as a drummer, (albeit a “coffee can drummer”), I really like to emphasize rhythm in my work – often using unusual, or unexpected, sounds for my rhythmic parts.

My music has been used on many TV shows around the world, including multiple different programs on MTV, CNN and Netflix.  I recently composed music for the ABC primetime show, The Con. You can hear examples of some of these placements on my music page.

I’m also an award winning interactive software developer and have created websites, mobile apps and other digital media experiences for some of the biggest brands in the world, including Apple (where I worked for 8 years) Nike, Target, Hyundai, Microsoft and Xbox. Visit my digital portfolio, here, to learn more about my work.